What is EverHype and how can it grow my brand?
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EverHype is the world's first health-focused marketing platform that connects your business and health-focused micro-influencers and for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing, you can reach their engaged audience and drive powerful ROI.

What's different about EverHype is your only payment to the influencer is in products. NO MONEY is paid to the influencers. You simply build a campaign, select an influencer who applied, ship them the product, and follow along as they complete the agreed-upon action checklist.

What is the cost per campaign?

Each campaign is 1 HypeCredit ($50), plus the cost of the product and shipping it to the influencer.

What do I get for 1 HypeCredit

  • 2 Instagram feed posts

  • 2 Instagram story posts

  • 1 Detailed product review

  • 3-5 Pieces of original content for your social accounts

  • Vetted health influencer with 2%+ engagement rate

  • 100% Rights to all content part of the campaign